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Put that credit card away! Mortgage brokers (such as ourselves), don’t cost you anything.

making a paymentWait…  what?!  Really?!

That’s right! You get a personal loan shopper working on your behalf, and you don’t pay our service fees.

How does that work?

We’re paid by the lenders, not you.

Are you worried that might have us putting the lender’s interests before yours? Don’t be. Here’s why:

Our fees are the same no matter which lender we choose. And since the lenders want your business, they want to make their loans “more attractive” than their competition. Who benefits from that? You!

Whether it’s with lower rates, appraisal waivers, or faster closings, when they sweeten the deal it’s YOU the borrower that comes out on top.

Now to avoid potential confusion, there are services that may need to be paid by the borrower (you) during the loan process. For example the appraisal. We collect your payment information to schedule and compensate the appraiser who comes to look over your house. But ALL of that money goes to the appraisal company, not us. We just act as the middle man. And we promise, any costs such as an appraisal will be discussed and explained to you beforehand.

Have questions? Ask away! We’d love to explain how the industry and process works so you can be informed.

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